Terms of Use

General Terms of Use

Article I.

Introductory provisions

Company fofos.sk, sro, with its registered office: Dukl. hrdinov 874/14, 911 05 Trenčín, IČO: 50215167, registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Trenčín, odd. Sro, vl. no. 32767 / R (the "Company") is the web portal "modelworld.sk/modelworld.eu" (hereinafter referred to as the "Website").

General Terms of Use ("VPPs") are rules that are binding on the user of the portal that determine the use of the portal and the content placed on it by the user, while adjusting the relationship between the company and the user.

Article II.

Obligation and change of VPP

  1. Unless stated otherwise, these VPPs do not further distinguish the registered, unregistered user and the vendor and apply to all users. The provisions governing the publication of content on the portal by users apply only to registered users, as unregistered users are unable to place their content on the portal.
  2. By using the Portal, you agree unconditionally with these VPPs, including all their additional changes. Your acceptance of the current VPP will be reflected on each visit by a simple use of the Portal, and you agree that the Company will consider your subsequent visits and use of the Portal as your consent to these VPPs from time to time. If you do not agree to VPP, do not use the portal or access it.
  3. The Company reserves the right at its own discretion or new circumstances, for example due to a change in the law, at any time to adjust the VPP. The latest updated version is always available on the portal. The company is not required to notify VPPs of these changes to users. These rules will take effect on the day of their publication on the portal
  4. At each portal visit, the user is required to become familiar with the current VPP. If the user does not agree with the modified terms, he must stop using the portal and, if he is a registered user, must cancel his registration or ask the company to cancel it. If the user continues to use the portal after the modified VPPs have been published, it means that the user agrees with the modified VPPs without reservation.

Article III.

Using the portal

  1. The portal offers information and services for customers / users and suppliers of search and service providers in the following areas: modeling, photomodelling, hostessing and related services.
  2. The publisher may only post on the portal content related to the above areas and services that are associated with it. Invalid offers related to sexual services. Violation of these policies will result in the deletion of the offer and then the user account.
  3. Each user can create only one profile. When a violation of this policy is detected, duplicate user accounts will be blocked or canceled. By signing up for the portal user and guaranteeing that you are at least 15 years old, modelworld.sk / modelworld.eu / is not intended for younger users.
  4. The user is aware that the portal, despite the effort of the company to provide content in accordance with the portal's mission, may contain content that the user may deem offensive or otherwise inappropriate, and the user accesses the portal with that knowledge, as a result of which the user is himself responsible for any any damage caused by the use of the portal for that reason.
  5. The company has the right to stop the user, some users or all users, altogether, or for a certain time, the portal and to change its content and services.
  6. Content racist, incitement to violence or hatred on grounds of sex, race, color, language, religion or belief, political or other opinion, national or social origin, nationality or ethnic group, content of pornographic, vulgar, and any unlawful character , as well as any content that violates anything or is in any way contrary to the law or to the legitimate interests of others (for example, the right to the protection of intellectual property, the obligation to maintain confidentiality, the right to privacy, the right to privacy, etc.) is forbidden, as well as action that can cause problems, damage, other harm or inconvenience to society or others.
  7. The user notes that, under applicable law, a company is required to provide law enforcement agencies for law enforcement purposes and other state authorities, in accordance with the law, for the purpose of performing its tasks, to the extent specified in the specific rules, the information received by users (IP address, location data, mailing address, postings, etc.), therefore, users are obliged to refrain from behaving that may be in the nature of a criminal offense as defined in the Criminal Code.
  8. The User may not use the Portal to Advertise Competitive Services or sell, sell, access, sell, advertise, sponsor or otherwise advertisements placed within the Portal or any content that is contrary to the purpose or the purpose of the Portal without the prior written consent of the Company.
  9. The user undertakes not to incite other users to violate VPPs or other actions that may be contrary to the interests of the company.
  10. The Company is not responsible or liable for any content placed on the portal by users, which is posted to a vendor's, sub-site, blog, blog or other users' posts, or forums. The Company reserves the right to remove any content from the portal at its own discretion. The Company reserves the right to continue to store the deleted content, which content is entitled to use in accordance with its obligations under applicable laws, disputes, or lawsuits with related content.
  11. If content has not been deleted, it does not mean that the company agrees or supports it in some way. The company is not required to monitor the content placed on the portal by users.
  12. The user agrees that the portal does not provide a backup service and is not responsible for any damages if the content of the user is deleted or inaccessible.

Article IV.

Copyright / Intellectual Property

  1. The content of the portal, including graphic processing and source code, is the intellectual property of the company or entities that granted the Company the right to use the content.
  2. Unless otherwise specified by these VPPs without the prior written consent of the Company, it is prohibited to modify, copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, sell, license, reproduce, reproduce, display, publish or otherwise disseminate any Content placed on the Portal. any other unfair competition or conduct that is inconsistent with the principles of fair dealing or good morals, made by users, touching, related, or having an impact on the Company's Portal or Activities.
  3. By placing your content on the portal, the user grants to the Company a royalty-free, non-exclusive, transferable, territorial, physical, and time-limited license to use the content placed on the portal for all known uses of the work. § 19 ods. 4 of Act no. 185/2015 Z. z. - Copyright Act, including copying and publicizing the Internet. At the same time, the Company is entitled to provide sublicense for the use of content placed by users on the Portal to an unlimited extent, and the content is still entitled to use it without reward for the user who placed the content on the portal.
  4. At the same time, by placing their content on the Portal, a user grants a portal user a worldwide, non-exclusive and royalty-free license to access content posted by users on the portal through the Service and to share content on third-party websites or applications through features placed on the Portal, without prejudice to the Company's right to prevent the user or all users access to some or all of the content or content in whole or in part of the portal. If only certain users have access to certain content, the preceding sentence applies to those users with access to specific content as appropriate.
  5. User declares and warrants that it has all the rights and permissions necessary for the Company to use the content provided by users on the Portal or other Web sites in connection with the provision of services by the Company under these VPPs, and that these rights and permissions will be at all times using the portal.
  6. The user warrants that he / she will pay all due royalties and other rewards for using content on the portal.
  7. Without the explicit consent of the legal owner of the content, the user may not publish or otherwise make available on the portal any content the author of which is not a user, nor does he have the necessary rights to use such content.
  8. A user who has access to another user's content may share or publish this content via third-party features on third-party websites or applications if the portal allows them to share or share user features on third-party sites or applications, and only through these functions. If unregistered users have access to that user's content, they may share or publish such content on such third-party websites or applications as well as by the company.
  9. The user agrees to use his or her name and content in connection with commercial or sponsored content, making the content of the user available to the Company's business partners for advertising or related purposes without the right to a financial reward, indemnification or other satisfaction.
  10. The portal can be supported through ad revenue and can serve ads. The ad may be placed in the user's content, in its vicinity, or may be associated with the user's content.
  11. The use of the portal does not give the user any license or other user rights to the content posted on the portal (eg, industrial rights, copyright and related rights, etc.). Marks, designs, images, texts, parts of the text, and other non-content content of the portal may not be altered, copied, duplicated, or otherwise used without the prior written consent of the Company.
  12. The Company reserves the right to immediately terminate or suspend the Portal or any of its components for an indefinite period of time, delete the content or revoke the user access to the portal or some of its functions if the user violates the VPP or if the company has reason to believe that the user is violating the VPP , without any notice. At the company's discretion, the company may also suspend the portal if the user acts in a way that is harmful to the company or otherwise unacceptable.
  13. The Company reserves the right to change the content, form, visual, nature, purpose of the Portal at any time, even without prior notice.
  14. When placing content on the portal, the user is required to review and make sure that the published content is only available to a specific user or is public and therefore publishes in accordance with the licenses they own or, if relevant, their authorized holders that the content is safe and is in compliance with these VPPs. Otherwise, the user is required to remove the content without having to consent to its use to the extent necessary on the portal, remove all dangerous elements from the content, and place content that complies with VPP on the portal.
  15. The portal must be used in a manner consistent with good morals, degrading, offensive, defamatory or unlawful expressions are prohibited, and it is forbidden to interfere with the rights or legitimate interests of other users and third parties or to act contrary to the GPA, contrary to law or VET or to circumvent the law.
  16. Any unauthorized use of the content may be a violation of copyright, trademark, personality rights, the provisions of the Advertising Act, and other regulations. Unauthorized use of the content has criminal and civil consequences.

Article V.

The relationship between the company and the user

  1. The company provides registered users with the opportunity to add content, discussions and forums as well as technical support.
  2. The user exclusively maintains, publishes and fully responsible for their content, their site, blog, blog, and other posts and their content.
  3. The user is entitled to publish only content on his / her profile, sub-site, and blog, for which he / she has the necessary rights under the Copyright Act. if relevant, and other necessary intellectual property rights, the extent to which the user is required to publish the content; the user is solely responsible for violating this obligation.
  4. The company is not required to check content on a user's profile, sub-site, or blog, and is not responsible for this content.
  5. The user agrees to be solely responsible for all activities that occur within the profile, the site, the blog, the blog, or any other user's contribution, both in relation to the company and to third parties.
  6. The user agrees that the company's announcements regarding the portal may be delivered to the mailbox that it has posted or published on the portal.
  7. The user also unreservedly agrees that the relationship between the Company and the user resulting from the use of the Portal or from these VPPs does not exert any claims against the Company and that it will not claim any claims against the Company.
  8. The user agrees that if the company decides to send any content, information, ideas, ideas, know-how through the contact information or through the portal, the user will act in a conscientious and voluntary manner and without the right to compensation or other satisfaction, and is responsible for the fact that the material is in its possession or has an unrestricted right to use it, to grant a license for its use and to send a company, while the company is entitled to use these materials, including their reproduction, modification, public access, use in the development products and services, and the user will not be entitled to any compensation for the company in relation to this.

Article VI.

External service providers

  1. The Company does not guarantee, does not guarantee or guarantee the availability, content or quality of the services of the advertisers on the portal, does not correspond to the provided services and has no obligations regarding the guarantee of the services offered on the portal.
  2. The Company is not responsible for any damages caused to the user as a result of the user relying on or relying on the completeness, accuracy, correctness, correctness or existence of any advertisement or any relationship or transaction between the user and any advertiser or sponsor whose ad appeared on the portal .

Article VII.

Accessibility and functionality of the portal

  1. The company has the effort to operate the portal continuously and continuously and keep it available - always according to existing technical, economic and organizational possibilities.
  2. The Company does not warrant that the Portal and all its parts will be available at all times or at all times available, furthermore that they will be free of error or that errors will be removed and also that the portal or its devices (such as the server) will be free from viruses or other dangerous components.
  3. The Company does not warrant for the time the portal is unavailable due to technical or other issues or for other reasons.

Article VIII.

Data protection and security

  1. The company strives for the portal to offer the exchange of data through online media as safely as possible with the latest standards. However, the Company does not warrant that the use of the portal by users is safe and free of viruses or other malicious content, that the content of the user will not be disclosed, disclosed, altered or destroyed.
  2. At the same time, the company encourages each user to try to make the most secure use of Internet services.

Article IX.

Electronic attacks and security

  1. Electronic attacks of any kind on the portal or data of individual portal users are prohibited.
  2. Any attempt to circumvent, deactivate or otherwise interfere with any security features of the portal or any other portal elements is prohibited.
  3. It is also prohibited to change or modify, to copy any part of the portal or the service provided to it, to decompile or extract the portal's source code.
  4. Any such unauthorized action leads to the immediate cancellation of the user's account, which may also be denied access to the portal, and also has civil and criminal consequences.

Article X.

Passwords, accounts, usernames and profiles

  1. Full use of the portal services is only available to registered users.
  2. By registering, you are becoming a portal user and you are guaranteed to be at least 15 years of age because the portal is not intended for younger users.
  3. Upon registration and verification, the user chooses a password that allows you to access the user account.
  4. The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and other possible user-related data.
  5. The user is required to provide true, accurate, up-to-date, and complete information so that they can be registered at the user's entire time.
  6. It is forbidden to use usernames, names or protected third-party tags, domain names, or URLs in the user's username.
  7. The Company reserves the right, for any reason, to cancel the username of the user or to force the user to change the username to which the user is obliged to respect and to change within the specified deadline. If the user does not change the username within the specified time limit, the company is authorized to change the username of the user and then inform the user.
  8. The user agrees not to transfer his or her account, username, profile, site, blog or license to another user or third party.
  9. It is forbidden to create profiles, subpages, blogs, blogs or other contributions for another person and use the usernames of other persons, unless the persons have legal or contractual rights to act for a legal entity, employer or client whose account it.
  10. Any unauthorized use of a user account or other security breach must immediately be reported to the company. Any unauthorized disclosure of access data, violation of good morals, the publication of inappropriate and immoral content, racism, and unlawful actions or actions in violation of this VPP by the user may lead to the deletion of the user account, to report to law enforcement authorities, other public authorities.
  11. Data, content, and information that the user knows about his / her user account may not be passed on to unauthorized third parties.
  12. The Company reserves the right to approve or refuse registration and provision of services on the portal. The Company also reserves the right to monitor, block, edit, or remove any user account or subscription of individual services, or content in case of violation of these VPPs.
  13. The Company is not responsible for loss or failure to ensure the security of the user's password, nor for the truthfulness, accuracy and timeliness of the data provided to the user, and for any damages incurred in connection with this.
  14. The Company reserves the right to terminate the portal or its individual elements or to terminate the user's or any user's access, remove a profile, sub-site, blog or blog or other post for any reason at any time, without prior notice, without undue consent to the user no claims arise.
  15. The company is authorized to delete a user account, profile, site, or blog if a user account, profile, sub page, or blog has not been used by users for more than 12 months.

Article XI.

External links and websites

  1. The Company does not control the accessibility, quality, and content through the portal of the externally cross-linked Web sites, does not control them and is not required to control them, and does not assume or assume any responsibility for the availability, quality or content of external websites, such external sites violated the applicable law or caused, or were likely to cause, users harm, nor does it endorse any products or services placed on external websites.
  2. Portal features can allow interaction or linking between a third party portal, app, feature, or feature, such as sharing or publishing content on a third-party site or application. In this case, the user must also be a third party user, and such sharing or disclosure is always done voluntarily and on his own responsibility.
  3. The user also acknowledges that the company is not responsible for the availability or functionality of third-party websites or materials accessed through the portal.
  4. Any transactions between a user and a third party, including payment and delivery of products, mediation of services and other contracts, terms, warranties or representations in connection with such conduct, are made exclusively between the user and the third party outside of the company, and the companies do not create any commitments.

Article XII.

Liability for damages and warranties

  1. The company provides the portal without any liability for any damages and without warranty.
  2. The user uses the portal at his / her own risk and responsibility and will not rely on faultlessness, reliability, functionality, accuracy, timeliness, quality, timeliness, continued availability, security, removal of any defects or removal of any other service or portal failures.
  3. The user is therefore solely responsible for any damage to his computer, system or other device, or for the loss of data, or other damages incurred as a result of using the portal.
  4. The user is not authorized to download content from the portal.
  5. The Company is not liable for faultlessness, reliability, functionality, accuracy, timeliness, quality, timeliness, uninterrupted availability, security, removal of any defects or removal of any other service or portal failures.
  6. The company does not guarantee that the use of the portal will meet the user's requirements.
  7. The Company is not liable for damages or losses suffered by the user or third parties, or direct or indirect, immediate or consequential damages related to the use of the portal, damages to the good repute of the user, goodwill or honor of the user, loss caused by loss of data or damage as a consequence of downloading, deleting, or deleting the content provided by users when using the portal, as a result of any changes to the portal, or any permanent or temporary interruption of the provision of portal services or any functionality within the portal.
  8. The company is not responsible for the timeliness, completeness, accuracy, and credibility of the data of the users who provide their virtual space for advertising, presentation and discussion on the portal.
  9. The company does not support, does not respond, nor does it guarantee the content, advertising or services placed on the portal.
  10. The Company does not express its consent to any content or opinion, advice or suggestions contained therein, and is not responsible for any content or consequences associated with its disclosure.
  11. The user agrees that if the portal encounters content that is incorrect, imprecise or undesirable to a particular user, it will not claim any claims from the company.
  12. The Company is not responsible for any use or disclosure to users of the content provided.

Article XIV.

Specific rules for suppliers

Each contractor is required throughout the period when his supplier's account on the portal will be activated, in addition to the other parts of the VPP, the following conditions are met:

  1. The Supplier is required to have the right to provide services advertised on the Portal in accordance with the generally binding legal regulations applicable in the territory in which these services are offered and undertakes to perform these services with professional care.
  2. The Supplier is required to adhere to the rules of fair competition and to refrain from any unfair competition.
  3. The Provider may post on the Portal only such content as the author or has the necessary rights to authorize it to use content on the Portal to the extent defined in these VPPs.
  4. In the case where the content is a physical person's display or other personal data, the Supplier may use the content on the portal only if it has the demonstrable consent of all the persons concerned whose personal data is contained in the content using such content on the portal in the range publications on the portal.
  5. The Provider may only disclose on the Portal content that discloses third parties that do not interfere with the right to protection of personality, the right to the protection of personal data or other rights or legitimate interests of persons whose content is in any way concerned and whose disclosure is not in contradiction with good morals or the purpose and meaning of the portal.
  6. The vendor may present himself or herself on a profile, sub-site, blog or blog or other post only. where the supplier is a legal entity, created by persons acting on it or such content created by third parties and showing or describing the outcome of the contractor's activity.
  7. The use of the content to which the Company is entitled under these VPPs is also understood as disclosure to the public on the portal or other service to which the portal refers, processing including editing, translation and adaptation, linking to other content, inclusion of content in the database, reproduction, public the distribution of an original or a copy of the content by transferring ownership, renting, renting, publishing the content to the public by displaying content or reproducing a work, making public content, publicly transmitting content, and other uses of content known at the time of use.
  8. The Supplier is wholly responsible for unauthorized offers placed on the Portal, for offers that are in breach of legal regulations or good morals, frauds, disputes and problems that may arise by companies or third parties in connection with the Supplier's offer.

Article XV.


  1. Cookies are text files that contain a small amount of information that is not personal data and which are downloaded to your computer, mobile, or other device when you visit the portal. A user of a portal that has cookies enabled in their browser allows them to accept cookies on a specific web site.
  1. Cookies are useful because they serve in particular to analyze the traffic of the portal and to provide greater convenience in its use, for example, by allowing visitors to remember for the next visit to the portal. Cookies can not scrutinize the user's computer or other devices or read the stored data. Temporary cookies (session cookies) will always be activated when you visit the portal and will automatically be deleted when you browse. Permanent cookies (so-called long term cookies) remain stored on your computer or other device even when the portal is over.
  2. We use cookies on the portal:
    • to save the user's personal settings. Helping the portal to identify a unique visitor, to remember the user's settings selected at the last visit, or to pre-fill the user's login information.
    • to create anonymous statistical records. During each user visit, the portal uses analytics software to store anonymous standard cookies so that the company knows how the portal has traffic, can analyze user behavior and find out what content and information are interesting to users. Any stored analytical information is anonymous and used purely for the company's own technical and marketing purposes.
    • to distinguish anonymous and logged-in users.
  1. The portal uses cookies to help identify either anonymous or logged-in users and remember options (such as user name) and allow them to use enhanced, more personalized features. These cookies can be used to remember changes the user has made in the page settings (e.g., display size, display order, etc.) The data collected through these cookies is anonymized and can not track user browsing activities on other third-party sites parties.
  2. The portal uses Google Analytics, provided by Google, Inc., which uses information to evaluate the use of the portal and to generate activity reports for the user of the site.
  3. The portal uses third party services (ad partners) to help create the most exciting content for the user. Therefore, third-party cookies (temporary or permanent) are also stored when using the portal to the user's hard disk.
  4. The user may affect the handling of cookies using the appropriate settings on their browser. For example, cookies can generally be accepted or rejected in general or on a case-by-case basis. However, this may limit the scope of the bidding features made available by the portal.

Article XVI.

Charging services and methods of payment

  1. The Company reserves the right to charge certain services on the User Portal, subject to the provision of the service, payment of reimbursement to users for the use of a service, never before after the service is provided.
  2. Payments for paid services will be managed through the Pricelist of Charged Services published by the Company on the portal.
  3. The service is provided only for a prepaid period, and only after payment of the remuneration for the Service. The reward is considered to be paid on the day when the remuneration is credited to our bank account.
  4. We begin providing the service without undue delay after payment of the fee and terminate the service after the subscription expires.
  5. You expressly agree that the invoice for the provision of the Service will not be issued to you after payment of the remuneration on the basis of the data stated in the order. We do not respond to the accuracy, completeness, and accuracy of the data in the order.
  6. You also agree that your invoice will be delivered electronically in PDF format to the email address provided in your Profile at the time immediately after the payment for the provision of the Service.

Article XVII.

Dispute resolution

  1. In the event of any interference with the rights of a user or a third party, the person to whom the rights have been affected in any way by the Portal or who claims to have infringed its rights shall resolve the dispute with the user or, if relevant, company prioritizing out-of-court negotiations.
  2. In the event that there is no out-of-court settlement of the dispute within two months, that person is entitled to bring proceedings before the competent court.
  3. The user is obligated to notify the company without delay in writing that his rights have been compromised and who, in what manner and when he should have interfered, and in the event of a lawsuit related to the portal, shall be obliged to notify the company in writing without delay that such a dispute is taking place.
  4. The user is entitled to contact the company with a request for redress if the company violates its rights. If the Company responds to, or fails to respond to, such request within 30 days of the date of dispatch, the User has the right to submit a claim for alternative dispute resolution to an ADR entity. Alternative dispute resolution entities are bodies and authorized legal entities within the meaning of Article 3 of Act No. 391/2015 Coll. on alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes, Slovak Trade Inspection, whereby the User is entitled to choose an alternative consumer dispute resolution entity to address. Company email is .......................................... User when submitting a proposal, proceeds in accordance with § 12 of Act no. 391/2015 Coll. on alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes. An alternative dispute resolution may settle a dispute between the User and the Company arising out of a consumer contract, related to the consumer contract. The value of a dispute to be settled by an alternative dispute resolution must exceed € 20. The Alternative Dispute Resolution entity may request from the User an alternative dispute resolution fee of no more than five euros, including value added tax, at the same time as sending a notice of an alternative dispute resolution.

Article XVIII.

Final provisions

  1. These VPPs and the relationship between the company and its users are governed by Slovak law, without applying any conflict of law provisions.
  2. The competent jurisdiction of the Slovak Republic shall have jurisdiction to rule on disputes arising out of the use of the portal, these VPPs as well as the relationship between the company and the user established thereon.
  3. The user undertakes not to make any claim or right resulting from the use of the portal, from these VPPs, or from the relationship between the company and the user established on it, to a third person without the consent of the company. The Company may assign its claims to users to third parties without the user's consent.
  4. In the event that a user has any claim against the Company, the user agrees that such claim must be filed in writing at the Company at info@azsvadba.sk within 6 months of its creation, otherwise the irrefutable legal presumption that no claim has been made to the User .
  5. If the user of the portal is a consumer, these VPPs are applied modified in accordance with consumer protection rules.
  6. In the event that any provision of these VPPs becomes invalid, ineffective or unenforceable, this will not affect the other VPP provisions and these other VPPs will remain valid and effective.
  7. In the event that a company does not apply certain rights under these VPPs, or does not apply them immediately or within a certain period of time, it does not imply that these company rights are forfeited or that their company waives. The company can exercise these rights at any time.
  8. Any special agreement between the company and the user must be in writing.
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